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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Last night I was lucky enough to be off to the O2 Arena for the Brit Awards 2016!!! I was invited by my lovely friend Sophia and her family. We were sitting quite low down in stands and really had quite a good overview of everyone and everything including the numbers celebs dining on the floor below as well as the artists performing on the stage. The night was jam packed with music performances including from Rihanna and her guest star drake , Jess Glynne, Justin Bieber, James Bay and of course the all fabulous and awe-inspiring Adele. Not only did she pick up almost every single award it seems but she shared her true emotion in her thank you speeches as well as performing, of course as amazingly as you would imagine, my favourite song of her's : when we were young. Sophia and I could not help but sing our hearts out to her standing there so perfectly in her sparkling dress and the rest of the stadium who I am guessing my the applause were in as much admiration as us.   Obviously Justin was also one of my most anticipated acts, although his singing wasn't really all that incredible, I was still completely over excited simply because it was HIM!!! It was such a fun and star studded night that I thought  it would be not only be something perfect to share with you but also to save for later memories of my own!



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