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Saturday, 29 August 2015

I have been thinking about what to post here on The A Clique, and decided that whilst I come up with some ideas, why not just keep a record of the things I love or am obsessed with at the moment.This girls music is beautiful and although I listened a lot to her old album "Is your love big enough" a couple of years ago I kind of forgot about her dreamy voice until my favourite "no room for no doubt" popped up in my shuffled songs a couple of weeks ago. She recently realised this new album, which is absolutely amazing and her songs including "Unstoppable","Tokyo" and "Green and Gold" are perfect for any mood whither you want chilled background music when working or sing in the shower. Finally I also absolutely adore the cover art of Lianne's album, the colours, the simplicity as well as her completely unique and style and beauty

Go and search for her music if you don't know her already, and I promise you will be listening to it on repeat for the rest of the week at least.


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