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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

These are just a few of the many wonderful moments from 2014...
Now onto 2015...
I hope you enjoy, party and celebrate hard tonight.


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It is clearly about time that I do a Christmas post, as it probably one of my favourite times of year. There are millions of things that I love about Christmas, and this year I have tried to fit in as many of these little traditions in as possible whilst still revising daily and allowing for some chilled down time too, to snuggle and do nothing but watch movies.
For me, as every week of holiday always does, this week has gone very fast, but this collage is a collection of a few cute and especially christmassy moments I had:
Decorating our christmas tree, whilst watching 10 Things I hate about you- the perfect chick flick for a lazy sunday.
Baking gingerbread cookies, just as I do every year with my best friend. And this inevitably includes eating a ton of raw dough before we begin to shape them whilst dancing to loud Christmas music in my kitchen.
Yesterday, I felt as though I had landed in santa's workshop as our dining room was strewn with wrapping paper, ribbon and piles of presents to be wrapped, bundled and decorated. 

Here are a few final thoughts to leave you with:
Yes, I LOVE London, the beautiful lights and windows on Oxford Street, and of course being with my amazing friends but actually christmas just is never the same as it is in Denmark. Firstly it is probably because it is there all my family live. As I don't see them so often that is always so much fun to see them and something I look forward to. However it is atmosphere of ...  hygge that is missing from an English christmas. Hygge is a Danish word that simply doesn't exist in many other vocabularies around the world. Therefore it is very hard to truly explain it's meaning... 
Many people inadequately translate hygge as cozyness. However this definition is way to simplistic, because hygge is more than cozy physical surroundings or warmth. Hygge, to me, is more like feeling content or happy often in your favourite place or surroundings or doing enjoyable things. What I particularly love is that hygge can be 'injected' into every aspect of your life. It can be as small a thing as lighting candles or cooking/eating good food, to roasting marshmallows, to dancing or playing loud music. One can hygge with the people you love or in solitude.
So you probably don't completely get it, because I definitely wasn't the best at explaining. Firthermore , I encourage you to invite friends or family over this christmas for hygge, play a group game, watch a movie or bake something but just enjoy yourself and feel happy and warm and cozy in doing so because hygge is an integral way of life ingrained into Danish society and it is a very important part of me too. 
Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, 8 December 2014


Happy Monday...
I can't believe it is already the 8th of Decemeber! Time is flying when I am needing it the most. At the moment I have so many exams and obscene amounts of schoolwork leading up to my GCSE mocks after Christmas. Although I am obviously dreading a holiday full of revision, I actually can't wait for christmas break to arrive on Friday. I have reached the point when I simply want to sit down, study hard and get the work over and done with because I know there are so many Christmassy celebrations and things to look forward to. (Such as baking and shopping and eating and decorating)

Have a lovely week

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Firstly, there are these new pony hair boots. Although I really love any black ankle boot, and these are so simple and effortlessly gorgeous, they aren't actually that great for the recent winter weather (rain, rain, rain). After being on my saved list for almost a month I finally bought them a few weeks ago when they popped up in the sale section, from Asos.

My next item, is this cosy, teddy-bear-ish, oversized and extremely warm coat. My mum actually ordered it for me, so it was a lovely surprise upon its arrival on monday. Even though I am still getting used to the quite large looking shoulders , I love it and will definitely get good use of it this season. My coat is from one of my favourite little Danish clothes brand,  Christina Rohde. This cute brand is actually for children, but due to my smallness I can still fit some of their larger sizes.

Finally, my dad brought me home these two amazing chocolates from his recent rip to New York... This independent chocolate shop, Mast Brothers, produces these seriously good-looking and delicious chocolate bars by hand their shop/artisan café in the heart of Brooklyn. And their branding is perfection too, selling simple logo t-shirts in the on-site factory, where the paper printing and chocolate making all happens at the same time.


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