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Tuesday, 28 July 2015


I arrived back from two weeks in Denmark on Sunday and I actually missed my house family andLondon so much while I was away. I am leaving to the south of France tomorrow which I cannot wait for so for the past couple of days I have just been in transition mode, meaning I have basically been at home in my bath robe for the whole day and been washing clothes and slowly trying to pack. Whilst deciding on what to bring to France I found these two Items in the back of my wardrobe. The blue set at the top was previously a summer dress sized 10 for children so clearly on the short side. I decided to slice it two and create a little co-ord set perfect for the heat and sun I am anticipating over the next two weeks. Although I am usually not a floral girl, I LOVE the blue flowery Liberty print and all I did was cut the dress a the point I wanted before sewing in an elastic into the waistband of the new skirt.
The white skirt isn't really something I made myself, but more something I found and updated so it was usable. My mum bought it at the local car boot sale over a year ago and It wasn't really wearable, without any opening on the side and completely frayed at the waistband. I cleaned it up a little by sewing in a small button and now I can't wait to wear it, especially as the embroidered pattern, which is unfortunately hard to make out on the above photos, is so cute and trendy this summer.


Monday, 13 July 2015

Blue seems to be a colour that I am collecting this summer. All of the above pieces are new in my wardrobe, some birthday presents and others some post-exam rewards to myself. One of my favourites in the bunch is the beautiful book in the top left corner called "Vogue, The Covers" which I received from one of my amazing friends for my birthday. It is filled with pages and pages of vogue covers throughout history and I absolutely love these kind of 'Coffee-table Books' because they are soooo aesthetically pleasing and lovely to have lying around in your room. Th denim skirt is also a staple for me this summer not only because mini skirts like these are so easy to throw on but also because denim makes anything look chilled and stylish.

Hope the summer promises blue skies and seas near you.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

I am back. My little blog still does exist and I cannot wait to share my almost three month long summer with you. After being surprisingly busy over the past three weeks since my GCSEs finished, I have finally come around to write a blog post. I thought I would update you on my life and I promise that I have a number of belated but exciting posts to come very soon. 
Over the last couple of weeks my summer holiday has been packed with seeing friends, relaxing and working. I also spent last week in Copenhagen doing work experience for an extremely interesting and inspiring consultancy company that use anthropology in their work over the conventional economic viewpoint. Everyone was extremely welcoming and lovely at the office but the best part of the week was just being able to chill in Copenhagen with my cousins like cycling to the beach ect.

Enjoy the sunshine

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