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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Just under a month go my parents and I jetted off to New York city for a week of walking, shopping, exploring and eating.

My dad is in New York almost every second week and is working on some extremely exciting food projects including a Nordic food hall in Grand Central Station. For this reason he knows quite a few people in and around New York especially within the food industry.
Whilst some families spend their money on the most expensive and extravagant hotels, handbags or bus tours of the city, my family prioritise and value eating out the most. I would say we are quite a foodie family with both my parents working or having worked in the business for many years. It is not just the generic "food is my life" thing as you see everywhere on social media and memes nowadays, it is more that we love to eat in places that are special and an experience in its self. Dinner has also always been a social thing in my life, its a time when we come together as a family and with friends. We can spend many hours sitting around the table chatting in my family and enjoying good food and company. New York like many major cities around the world for it's amazing culinary opportunities and there were too many places that we wanted to see. But here are just a few places that I think are notable and completely worth visiting:

But here are just a few places that I went to:
Lafayette Restaurant 
Saturday Surf - The beautiful garden/terrace that lay at the back of the cafe was a very pleasant surprise. You sat here drinking your delicious iced coffee monist dense greenery but still within NYC.
Bond St- best Japanese food I have ever eaten and a particularly memorable experience due to us knowing and meeting the chef an amazingly inspiring Long Islander who seemed so passionate about  what he was doing, wanting to share the best of what the restaurant had to offer. That included everything from serving us surprise dishes that we din't even order to explaining that the crepe recipe used in out desert of crepes layered with a green tea creme was one passed down from his hungarian grandmother. 

Roberta's - again some of the most incredible pizzas I have ever experienced. After a day of strolling through Williamsburg we headed to another side of Brooklyn to try and find a table at a unique but gourmet pizza restaurant. Like many places in New York you can't book a a table but instead you can sit outside in their bar/ tent under heat lamps and wait until the bustling restaurant has a free table. It's true that the pizzas were incredible, for example I had one with a fried egg in the centre but ultimately it was the atmosphere in Roberta's that made it memorable. It was full and bustling with activity and relishing their food, which although might be simple is cooked to perfection. 

WE also visited a couple of tourist destinations and believe it or not didn't only eat the entire time. Although at moments out did feel like it as we were planning dinner as soon as we ate breakfast. The first day was glorious and with the sun out so we made the most of strolling through the local area of Chelsea, TriBeCa and Soho. You really felt like you were in New York, with brownstone townhouses with piumkins lined up on the step ready for halloween. For more of a cultural dose we quickly went round the newly renovated Whitney Museum with  an exciting installation that varied over all floors from pop art ect. The view from their terrace was spectacular and the blue skies a perfect back drop. I loved the fact that the floors weren't too big and overwhelming.

My mum and I also went for a walk on the upper east side one of the days and more than two poeple asked us if we were looking for the museums and showed us the directions probably because we must have looked very lost as we stepped out from the subway and they were probably very used to be asked too. The Guggenhiem is an amazing building and the beautiful and striking shape and dynamic of it struck the architect in both my mum and I. To be honest it wasn't really that art inside that I loved but more the beauty of the building. 

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