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Thursday, 14 May 2015

sweatpants - sports-direct - £8 !!!
It's thursday afternoon and London is being drenched in rain whilst I sit in our office attempting to revise coastal ecosystems and erosion. I just had my chemistry exam and it went better than I had anticipated but now I feel like just chilling. Although I love revising in wet weather like today, much more than on warm, sunny days, I can't really get much done and instead I find myself capturing little atmospheric pictures to blog or Instagram about. I also feel extremely bad for not posting on here for almost three weeks, my life has basically been too uninteresting and packed with exam stress that there's been nothing much to document (nor time to do so either)  :( 

I hope you all have time to appreciate the spring thats blooming away outside and day dream a little in the midst of all of the revision, like this beautiful view from my window of the luscious London greenery. I feel as though we GCSE students are almost missing spring by hibernating inside with our nose in revision notes? 


p.s. I guess its all worth it for the three month long summer?

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