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Monday, 30 January 2017

I've been procrastinating writing a blogpost for months on end as I am not only buried in homework but also every other thinkable form of procrastination. I have so much I want to share but felt a bit daunted having to reemerge after such a long phase of silence - I felt it had to be something really exciting or really different. 

I've realised it simply won't be. I know every single conversation ends in this topic at the moment but it is something that truly baffles me. As I sit and watch endless vlogs and snapchat stories of people attending march after march, protest and protest and witty signs after sign is posted on instagram  I can't feel anything but helplessness. I am stunned that this is reality and that I can't and no one really has the power to do anything about it. Trump's actions over the past week or two whether that be his ban on the entering of the people several muslim countries or his move to go ahead and build a crude oil pipeline through Native American sacred land seem to horrifying to be true. I think Leandra Medine of Man Repeller  (anyone who knows me knows she is my absolute favourite human) put's it pretty well (as always) in writing: "It doesn’t seem appropriate to resume regular programming this morning without some form of acknowledgement of what’s 
going on and how it’s shaken us"


Thursday, 4 August 2016

I know off-the shoulder is quite a cliche look at the moment and it seems every single shop window features it. But a cold shoulder floaty shirt or dress paired with a blue and white stripe really is my most dreamy summer pairing. Worn with denim,whether thats long jeans or a cut of skirt, and a little sandal - mine are olive green and gold  in the classic Menorcan/Mallorcan style - what could be more effortless and comfortable!
The little dusty pink clutch that features above was actually crocheted for me by my Grandma. I came across a similar one on instagram and a couple of days after showing a photo to my fabulous granny it was ready! I just added a skinny little golden chain ordered off Amazon, which after a summer of use has been perfectly worn matt.

please let summer be endless....

Friday, 17 June 2016

I found the American fashion designer Rosie Assoulin through by ever beloved babe Leandra Medine from the best blog ever, Man Repeller. She writes on her website that "she developed an encyclopedic understanding of fashion and the greater culture that contextualizes it. Her passion flows from an appreciation of the transcendent nature of beauty in all its forms, driving her to develop a visual vocabulary to express concepts that cannot be verbally articulated."
In a similar way to Leandra. Rosie learned a lot of her beautiful draping and skills from Oscar De La Renta before moving to experience the studio of Lavin in Paris. In 2014 she came out and stunned the fashion world with her debut Resort collection.
I was initially drawn to the romanticism in her deigns that you can see everywhere at the moment, however it is very clear to see her cuts and designs are that much more thought through and perfect down to every little detail. I also love the sense of sculpture that can be seen in most of her pieces as their bold shapes and lines create a dramatic but still relatively wearable piece of  clothing. In this way there is a clear sense of ease and comfort in her designs that I absolutely adore. Finally I love that she is not afraid to play with colour, pattern, proportions and texture through the use of ruffles and luxurious draping of fabrics.



Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I've been feeling a bit moody and tired lately and am truly craving summer, sunshine and most of all for school to end. I have been seeing ruffles everywhere lately and they feel so free and cheerful - which is just what I wish I was right now!! They are such an adorable detail to a shirt or dress making  an outfit feel that bit more bouncy and floaty.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Having escaped to the South of France of the last couple of weeks I thought it was about time to share a few pictures and updates. The first week I was an only child as my brother was away with friends. I mainly just chilled, revised a bit and mooched around watching tons of crap movies that we leave down in our house including classics like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Valentines Day (as well as quite a few episodes of modern family because it turns out French Netflix is SO much better that the English one) It felt so good to finally have a dose of sunshine even though most of the second week consisted of cloudy, grey and rainy skies. In the second week  my brother and one of best friends, Isis, along with her lovely family stayed with us. And even though we failed to be very adventurous or do very much we hugely enjoyed the company of each other and the peacefulness of the surroundings.  I have curated a couple of my favourite photos and some that just show what I was up to ( the one with all revision notes and books for example). In the top left Isis and I sat outside watching the sun set over the vin yards with our favourite film playing on my laptop : Notting Hill. It was the most perfect and "hyggelig" scene with everything from cups of tea to four blankets bundled around each of us. We also went of a few walks through the local area picking wildflowers and on the last day we spent some time in Marseille visiting the brutalist architect Le Corbusier's iconic Unite d'Habitation as pictured (the cutie against the red wall).

I am craving summer now.....

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