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Tuesday, 28 July 2015


I arrived back from two weeks in Denmark on Sunday and I actually missed my house family andLondon so much while I was away. I am leaving to the south of France tomorrow which I cannot wait for so for the past couple of days I have just been in transition mode, meaning I have basically been at home in my bath robe for the whole day and been washing clothes and slowly trying to pack. Whilst deciding on what to bring to France I found these two Items in the back of my wardrobe. The blue set at the top was previously a summer dress sized 10 for children so clearly on the short side. I decided to slice it two and create a little co-ord set perfect for the heat and sun I am anticipating over the next two weeks. Although I am usually not a floral girl, I LOVE the blue flowery Liberty print and all I did was cut the dress a the point I wanted before sewing in an elastic into the waistband of the new skirt.
The white skirt isn't really something I made myself, but more something I found and updated so it was usable. My mum bought it at the local car boot sale over a year ago and It wasn't really wearable, without any opening on the side and completely frayed at the waistband. I cleaned it up a little by sewing in a small button and now I can't wait to wear it, especially as the embroidered pattern, which is unfortunately hard to make out on the above photos, is so cute and trendy this summer.


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