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Monday, 30 March 2015

Time has simply slipped away for the last two weeks and now I realise I haven't written post for a long while. My time has mostly been used up by work including revision and art coursework. Worryingly my GCSE exams are creeping closer and closer and its about time for me to start proper revision. I break up for Easter break tomorrow and although will be going away to France for part of my holiday I am planning on working hard and consistently. I thought it would be very useful for both you and me to come up with some tips for effective revision and studying. I have looked around online for scientifically proven tips on studying, as well as thought up some of my own advice.

1.  Find time to revise and scatter/space out study sessions. I know that my brain very easily becomes overloaded with facts and it is known that repetition and returning back to something you need to memorise is SO much more effective.

2.  For me, teaching really helps me to understand what I am revising. It, not only allows me to practice articulating exactly what I mean, but I can also then make sure I haven't missed out anything.

3. I know this is one you are continually told, and I am not very good at keeping this up, but getting out of your house, even its just for a little cafe trip, can really help tidy up your mind. Sometimes stress can get the better of me and I force myself to sit inside the entire day in front of my notes. I can definitely say i always feel much more pessimistic and discouraged when the day ends without having anything but study. So go outside!

4. Drink and eat well. I promise you that this will make you feel so much better. Your body and brains need sufficient energy and there isno other way to do this than eating. For me, spending the time making a delicious and beautiful breakfast, especially if I've got my favourite music playing loudly in the kitchen, can boost for a whole day of otherwise tedious revision.

5.  I've also heard that reading through the notes you've studied that day before bed, can be extremely beneficial.

6. Your work space is important. Give yourself the space to have an overview of any folders, papers and textbooks. Although I am not very good at keeping this up,I does help keep my mind clearer.  I personally also like to have candles on in the background to give a bit more of a hyggelig and cosy atmosphere.

7. Finally, I know for many, the internet is a huge distraction. Whether Facebook, twitter, Pinterest or Instagram is your thing, I know that they all suck time out of your day. What I advise is to remove your bookmarks e.c.t and keep your phone mostly away from your side, depending on your will power!

I hope these tips are useful or give you an insight into my own attitude to school work. Good Luck!


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