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Monday, 16 March 2015

Last week I used this DIY turmeric face mask recipe from the gorgeous Ella Grace Denton's ever inspiring blog. Although in the picture I look very weird and the turmeric completely stains your face an ill-looking yellow colour it always feels good to be pampered.
I have heard i.e. seen on Pinterest many benefits of turmeric for your skin. For example, the very distinct smelling spice, is meant to leave glowing skin and reduce marks from pimples or ageing. 
For me it didn't actually help that much and I woke up to another disgusting spot a few days later. However it was fun to try and its true that my skin was feeling super smooth and fresh afterwards. I think next time I will do it on a lazy weekend night it, when I have nothing to do and no one to see the next day because I was so worried about turning up to school the next day as a Simpson. For that reason I scrubbed and scrubbed at my skin with my face wash, and I probably counteracted  some of the turmeric's soothing benefits.


p.s. I have also heard that turmeric milk should be healthy for your insides too. It is meant to be helpful in tackling anything that may be cause you to feel coughy or ill and as well as detoxing/cleaning out your digestive system which is often linked with problems like acne. Maybe that is something to try next time.

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