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Sunday, 1 February 2015

This weekend I have basically done nothing, and although I have been very bored, I really needed to properly chill out.  
On friday I baked these amazing healthy caramel, nutty, chocolate, fudgey fridge cake slices before heading out to a quick, vietnamese dinner with my good friend Ingrid. My Saturday consisted of sleeping in and going to my dance class as well as blobbing around, wasting time for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Today, hasn't been that different to yesterday except I got a little more done like my homework, a cycle ride to our local farmer's market and a cute cafe trip with my friend (who also took these outfit photos)

I am loving this new army green coloured denim skirt from Asos that I recently received as a late christmas present from my best friend. I am so glad it fits me properly because sometimes I feel A-line skirts are a little bit to triangley and pointy for me.

My boots are also from Asos. Although it is very difficult to make out from these photos, these have a small, perfectly chunky heel that allow my little legs to not completely drown as they have a tendency to do in chunky shoes with too wide an ankle or thick a sole. I have been using these loadssss this winter. 

I thought I would additionally try to show the beautiful gold details of my outfit, although it is very hard to capture because I lost track of time and suddenly there was no natural light to make everything clear. My T- shirt is is rimmed with a really cute gold, sparkly piping and was bought last year in Copenhagen from the brand Hartford.  The golden cross pendant has been at the jewellers for the last two weeks were a weakness in it's jump ring was being remade, it was originally a christening gift to my mum and I absolutely adore the tiny details on it.



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